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John Sutton, PhotographerBiography

Originally from White Plains New York, I studied fine art at the Art Students League in New York City between 1981 and 1985. While living in New York (1978 – 2001) I worked for a piano manufacturer, a pipe organ builder, and an antique furniture restoration company. I also designed and built custom furniture influenced by the clean lines of traditional western and eastern furniture design. On a few occasions I exhibited my work at the International Furniture Fair held annually at the Jacob Javits Center. My photography at that time consisted of journaling my life in photographs with a Nikon FE2. In 1997 I began spending time in Arlington, VT where I moved, with my wife Leyla Torres, in early 2002.


My photographs are taken primarily in Vermont and nearby New York. These images consist of landscapes in all their seasonal beauty, and slices of life in New England towns, and elsewhere. My goal is to share through my photographs the magic and mystery I find in common things and everyday surroundings. It is said we live in interesting times, each of us continually besieged with the challenges of conflict and perpetual change. Instability unsettles and is the norm to which we must bend and adjust. My hope is that my photographs will inspire you to look calmly with fresh eyes at your own surroundings; to perceive beneath the turbulence the permanence of an underlying stability and consistency. The simplicity you find will replenish you and whatever you are going through will pass and change, like the seasons.