Beech Leaves post image

Beach Leaves from last year cling to branches holding a place for new growth to come. Manchester, VT • February 25, 2016 • photo: ©John Sutton 2016

The Battenkill River post image

A warm late afternoon in February standing on the bridge at Benedict Crossing; looking west along the Battenkill flowing with white river ice. • Arlington, VT • February 16, 2016 • photo: © john sutton 2016

Valentine’s Day 2016 post image

Sitting with Leyla in a coffee shop across the street from this building at the intersection of Grove and East Main Street, Poultney, VT. It’s a little after 5pm. No traffic on this Valentine’s Day afternoon. I’m reading Patti Smith’s memoir, Just Kids. Her description of a short stay at the Allerton Hotel off seventh [...]

Waiting for Tuna • Coco the Cat post image

Coco waits for her daily teaspoon of tunafish. photo: © john sutton 2016

A Backcountry Road • White Creek, NY post image

Traveling east on route 67 in White Creek NY toward North Bennington, Vermont. photo: © john sutton 2016

Carpenters for Hillary • Manchester, NH post image

Spectators wait for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to speak at a  February 3, 2016 get out the vote rally two days before the primary vote in Manchester New Hampshire. photo: © john sutton 2016

Hillary Clinton Rally in Manchester, NH post image

A  spectator photographs presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaking at the  February 3, 2016 get out the vote rally two days before the primary vote in Manchester, New Hampshire.  photo: © john sutton 2016

Cameras on Hillary Clinton – Manchester NH post image

Media pool photographers  wait for the Hillary Clinton get out the vote event to begin on February 3, 2016.  photographer: © john sutton 2016

Stealing is a Crime – Brandon Vermont post image

An untended roadside stand along route 7 just north of Brandon Vermont offers items for sale. photo: john sutton 2016

Stringing A Violin post image

  James Banicki, Head Luthier at Vermont Violins, Burlington, VT strings a violin at his workbench. photograph: ©john sutton 2016

Vermont Violins post image

John Nickels, luthier, works at the bench in the Burlington, Vermont workshop of Vermont Violins.