Summer Tomatoes post image

Tomatoes are one of the many gifts of summer and with them I make one of the great gifts of my past: Gazpacho. I once worked with someone who was born in Madrid. She was very proud of her gazpacho recipe and guarded the secret of its success…

Power Lines post image

“With cold eyes and indifferent mind the spectators regard the work. Connoisseurs admire the “skill” (as one admires a tightrope walker), enjoy the “quality of painting” (as one enjoys a pastry). But hungry souls go hungry away. The vulgar herd…

Londondery, VT post image

God, Gas, and Country. • August 29, 2017

Woodstock, VT post image

Small wooden toys of children –houses, mills, shops, and factories– in the spirit of an earlier time capture the vanished life and vanished ways in this New England town.

An Afternoon Visit post image

Returning from Woodstock this afternoon Leyla and I stopped to visit The Church of Our Savior, an Episcopal church that sits on the eastern bank of the Ottauquechee River, just off route 4 in Killington, VT. Built in 1871 the building is a stone structure of Vermont granite and is flanked by a stand of  black walnut trees. …

Shushan, New York post image

It was mentioned to me that this photograph feels like it was taken one hundred years ago. Well, in a significant way this part of the country feels like one hundred years ago. …

Pawlet post image

I rode my bicycle out to Pawlet late this afternoon with friends Andy and Michael. It couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Coco post image

A portrait. Arlington, VT • August 23, 2017

River Road post image

Walking east on River Rd. Arlington, VT. August 2017

The Neighbor Next Door post image

I pulled into a parking space near the pharmacy in Manchester, the one next to Mapplefields gas station, got out to lock the car when a cold wet nose of you-know-who hit me just above the right elbow. I turned and she gave me the I’m just waiting for my ride to return,  act.  Completely ignored me  then as if I were  a flavorless chewed-up shoe. 


USA post image

A local shop in Williamstown, Massachusetts.  • August 20, 2017

Boston post image

This is Boston. He’s a 110lb Bernese Mountain dog that owns my neighbors just down the street. …

My New Shoes post image

A mother puts on her baby daughter’s sparkled shoes…

Red Tent Blue Tent post image

Two tents waiting for the celebration to begin…

Rundown post image

A well-used Dodge van, appropriately tagged…

Coco post image

I’ve learned the truth of the saying that dogs have masters and cats, servants. And I would give anything some days…

Lake Champlain post image

On the ferry, crossing Lake Champlain between Burlington and Port Kent, NY, late summer 2015. It was one of those burnished no-sweater perfect days…

Glacial Potholes post image

Glacial potholes on the Deerfield River at Shelburne Falls, Shelburne, MA • August 13, 2017

Eight Thirty PM post image

First Baptist Church • Manchester, VT • August 11, 2017

VT Antique F121 post image

An antique car, brake lights, and traffic slowdown at the roundabout.

Antique Cups and Other Old Things post image

The collection of tea cups in this photograph is stacked in the back pantry at the Garden Cafe and Gallery, Londonderry, VT. They are used to serve mint infusions and other teas to restaurant guests after a meal. When my mother died in November 2014 she left behind…

Sunday Clouds post image

I lay on my back last Sunday afternoon watching clouds. I didn’t have a conscious thought in my head except for wordless reflections on wisps and tendrils of feathered plumes…

Helen’s Little Stones post image

I had finished viewing an exhibition of prints and paintings by Helen Frankenthaler at the Clark Museum in Williamstown, MA and walked slowly around the terrace that surrounds the reflecting pool, adjacent to the museum. At its perimeter, under the trees, small groups by pairs and threes…

Cathy post image

Standing outside Mass MoCA in North Adams, MA, smoking a cigarette between sips of coffee, I made a new friend. Cathy remembered the 1980’s when the buildings that now house the museum were home to the Sprague Electric Company. It was a busy place.

Reflecting Pool post image

The reflecting pool and buildings of the Clark Museum…

Still Life post image

Flowers in a vase and a clay wine jug.

Reflection post image

A self portrait: reflection in the water of a stone basin.

East Arlington Road post image

Late afternoon into the early evening looking west along East Arlington Road, the sun casts a warm gaze upon the landscape. I had hoped to ride  my bicycle earlier but things didn’t work out that way today