John makes photographs, among other things. When younger, he was guided by circumstances along a unique and inviting path. He has lived in New York City, Boston and Vermont. He’s travelled a bit in South America and Europe and particularly likes The Netherlands –especially Haarlem– where he has dear friends and family.

John has few celebrated credits or degrees to mark his journey, but he is a lifelong learner and knows more than a thing or two about making stuff. He is a highly skilled woodworker and built and restored harpsichords, pipe organs, pianos, and very fine furniture. He’s photographed landscapes, theater, actors and musicians and is in short a sort of very modest renaissance nice creative guy. You get the picture.

But perhaps best of all he is loyal to his friends and likes making new friends. Yes, he is a friend collector and he keeps them in his mind and always thinks good thoughts of them. And he is married and has stayed married and in love for more than 30 years. So –one may ask– how many people have stayed married for so many years and also remained in love? There should be an award for this and in any event he puts that same love into his photographs, too.